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Get Your Business Noticed

No matter what you do for a living you can advertise to every android cell phone with-in 300 feet of you. I love my gems. I advertise 24/7 for less than a happy meal from McDonalds every day. How much do you spend on advertising? Whether it’s a business,blog,affiliate links. Are you a small business owner? You don’t even need a website. You can link your gem to your Facebook and/or other social media pages. Want more views on your You Tube channel? Are you a realtor looking for more prospects? Are you a hair dresser or barber shop looking for new clients? With this gem all you do is put your message up to 40 characters and a web link on it and bam it broadcasts 300 in all directions of where you are to who ever is near you. Imagine just walking through Walmart or the mall and you’re quietly advertising. Imagine after being out for a while and you come home and find sales on your website or tons of views on your video. You can also earn your gems for free.If you would like more about how to do this like I do, get with me. Pm me on Facebook,or email me

These babies can change your whole life like they are changing mine.



Working a pay job v.s. Working at home 10-26-15

Working a pay job V.S. Working at home

I have done both worked a paid job and worked at home. Everyone wants to be their own boss these days but a lot don’t know the pros and cons of doing that. Well I’m Scott and I’m here to give you in put on both. Working a paid job has it’s good points. Set rate of pay,some benefits if you’re full time. When you have an hourly job you get paid overtime for anything over 40 hours. Salaried jobs don’t have that benefit you get paid the same whether you work 10 hours or 60 hours. Being your own boss, you work your own hours, set the pay you want. Downfall of that is if you don’t work you don’t get paid, If you don’t sell your product you don’t get paid. Self employed you are in charge of your own insurance. I like being self employed but when you don’t make money it gets discouraging. No job whether having a boss or being your own boss is 100 % secure. Times change, today’s trends is tomorrow’s trash. Some people make millions on the internet and some just get by. Some don’t make squat. I’m an affiliate marketer, blogger and a vlogger and I’m ready to go back to working a part time job just to make what I want to make a month. I don’t work online to make millions I work online just to make enough to say I’m happy with what I do. Well last few years that hasn’t happened so while I’ll still have all my websites and blogging sites up and running, I’m going to be going back to the world of work part time. I can work part time then work my online businesses part time. I’ve thought of going back to being a flea market vendor but that business is going down hill. The internet is making more money than a vendor would. Being a vendor you have too much over head anyways. So please take my warning if you are thinking of jumping into being your own boss at home study your market, know all your pros and cons, and make sure that is truly what you want to do. The internet will not make you rich over night no matter what anyone says.

Follow Your Passion 7-17-15

Follow Your Passion 7-17-15

I’m the type of person who gives advice but is terrible about following what I say. I know a lot of other people who do the same thing. I always tell people follow their heart and their passions. Do I do that? No I don’t. Sometimes I will for a little while but then I drift back into my old ways. My passions have changed so much in the last few years from cooking, baking, and

ventriloquism to just doing whatever. Sometimes we don’t follow our passions because a lot is going on in our lives that changes everything, we can’t afford to follow them, or because we take the negative things people say about them to heart and quit. God made us with those passions for a reason. He wouldn’t have had us have them in us if it wasn’t meant to be used for a purpose. I’m a great cook and baker but I don’t do either any more because one I don’t have the finance to do it anymore and two, I don’t take the time to do it any more. I love blogging which I still do and I’m good at it and getting better every time I write a blog. I love ventriloquism and get better with every puppet video I make. I use to go to church but have lost interest in church because for me I feel I have God in my heart, I pray, and Jesus is my Lord & Savior. I’m not the best Christian in the world and don’t claim to be. We are all sinners the Bible tells us so. In 1996 I started working as a vendor in the flea market business. I started weekends and then I quit my regular job and did the Markets 5 days a week at various market sites. I had a passion for dealing with the public. Life is too short to let your passions slip away. Take it from someone who has been there and done that. I’m 51 yrs old and my life hasn’t been the greatest due to choices I have made, not anyone else but me.

Life Of A Flea Market Vendor 6-15-15

Life Of A Flea Market Vendor 6-15-15

Hi My Name is Scott and I’m a retired flea market vendor. I started working the flea market scene in October 1996. I loved it made almost $200 my first weekend. I use to buy out garage sales and other vendors and resell the items. I’ve done different markets on different days set up at three markets as a monthly vendor and only did weekends. My main line of business was incense and audio & video. Today the flea market world is hurting because it seems as though everyone is selling the same thing just in different spots. A lot of people are buying online a lot more now instead of visiting the flea markets. The only vendors making good money any more are the produce vendors. Being an affiliate marketer is kinda like being a flea market vendor because you are selling products but the best part is you don’t have the over head or have to pay for booth rental or gas to travel. Alot of people do affiliate marketing and do well at it. Sometimes I wish I had the money to buy into some products and go back to flea marketing as well. I work Monday thru Friday online from 9am – 12 pm. I don’t work weekends. Most vendors work Friday thru Sunday and sometimes Wednesdays. Depending on how far of a commute they have vendor days start around 6 am and end between 3-4 pm. I miss the good old days. I made a lot of new friends being a vendor.

So there it is the life of a flea market vendor. If anyone is thinking of becoming one I personally enjoyed and miss it. There is a lot more to being a vendor than being an affiliate marketer, but both have great rewards.