Career Minded Individuals Wanted


My Name is Scott and I’m the proud business owner of two awesome businesses. One has been in business for over 35 years and the other has just broke their 2 year mark. I’m looking for 20 individuals who are willing to put hard work in the beginning of their journey only to reap the sweet rewards 3-5 years down the road or sooner depending on your attitude. I’m not offering you a job, I’m offing an opportunity to financial freedom with a little hard work in the beginning. you can work your hours/your days. You will be your own boss and set your own success. You know the saying the more you put forth the more you succeed, the less you put forth, the less you’ll succeed. Ask yourself this: Are you happy with your job?  Are you happy with your financial status? Would you like to be financially free,take vacations when you want, work your own hours?  I’m new to both businesses myself and have seen some of the rewards from both. All interested individuals please respond to .


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