Working a pay job v.s. Working at home 10-26-15

Working a pay job V.S. Working at home

I have done both worked a paid job and worked at home. Everyone wants to be their own boss these days but a lot don’t know the pros and cons of doing that. Well I’m Scott and I’m here to give you in put on both. Working a paid job has it’s good points. Set rate of pay,some benefits if you’re full time. When you have an hourly job you get paid overtime for anything over 40 hours. Salaried jobs don’t have that benefit you get paid the same whether you work 10 hours or 60 hours. Being your own boss, you work your own hours, set the pay you want. Downfall of that is if you don’t work you don’t get paid, If you don’t sell your product you don’t get paid. Self employed you are in charge of your own insurance. I like being self employed but when you don’t make money it gets discouraging. No job whether having a boss or being your own boss is 100 % secure. Times change, today’s trends is tomorrow’s trash. Some people make millions on the internet and some just get by. Some don’t make squat. I’m an affiliate marketer, blogger and a vlogger and I’m ready to go back to working a part time job just to make what I want to make a month. I don’t work online to make millions I work online just to make enough to say I’m happy with what I do. Well last few years that hasn’t happened so while I’ll still have all my websites and blogging sites up and running, I’m going to be going back to the world of work part time. I can work part time then work my online businesses part time. I’ve thought of going back to being a flea market vendor but that business is going down hill. The internet is making more money than a vendor would. Being a vendor you have too much over head anyways. So please take my warning if you are thinking of jumping into being your own boss at home study your market, know all your pros and cons, and make sure that is truly what you want to do. The internet will not make you rich over night no matter what anyone says.


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