Friends 9-17-15

Ever see the show friends? I’m sure you have. There’s talk about a reunion, which I think would be cool. In the series ending Monica and Chandler got a house and adopted twins, Rachel got off the plane and returned to Ross. But the ending wasn’t too good because Rachel was on the plane ready to go to France to work but where was Emma? Was she with Ross or with Rachel’s parents? And remember when they did flashbacks to when Monica and Rachel were in school and Monica was huge? They never said in the show how she lost all that weight. What happened to Ben, Ross’s son? My favorite character was Joey. How you doing ? Joey was like the new Fonzie, with the way he could get girls all the time and he was cool in his own style, unless it was talking French which he couldn’t do. I think the reunion will be great if they have Ben, Emma, and the twins in the show. It would be really cool if Joey and Phoebe get together.  So what do you think if they make a reunion? Will it be good or bomb like most reunion shows?


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