Saggy Pants The Truth 9-16-15

So we have all heard different stories behind the saggy pants wearing fools and how it started. We after looking around, I found some info on the saggy pants which in some states are starting to earn people tickets. So here is what we have heard, I’m sure. To all you guys who “sag” your pants and show your butt and underwear …did you know it originated in prison? It was a signal to the other MEN that you are “available”. So if you wanna keep going around looking like you’re “available” for another dude to “tap that” then keep thinking your cool while I think you look like a Fool!!! BTW it’s called – PBS (Prison B*tch Syndrome). LOL Pass this on to the droopy pants that you know.  But after further search here is what I found.  Sagging, the fashion of wearing pants with their waistbands around the hips (or lower) rather than snugged to the

Kriss Krossmidriff, has been and continues to be a controversial style of dress. Although this sartorial fad is overwhelmingly favored by young males, it is not limited to them — young women have at times likewise indulged in the urge to sag. 
The practice, which did begin in prisons, worked its way from the hoosegow into hip hop culture. It was adopted by a variety of rap artists, such as Ice-T and Too Short, which enhanced its perceived tough-guy cachet. Sagging can even be taken a step further by wearing the droopy breeches backwards. (Totally Krossed Out, the 1992 debut album of Kriss Kross, shows the pair of 13-year-old rappers doing this.) By 1995 the style had seeped into mainstream teen culture — one no longer needed to be a wannabe “gangsta” to sling ’em low.

Pants worn this way are kept up by constant hitching, an act that becomes an integral part of the walking style of the wearer.

While sagging did gain its start in the U.S. prison system, it was not a clothes-wearing style authored by imprisoned homosexuals intent upon advertising their interest in casual flings. Sagging pants became the behind-the-bars thing thanks to ill-fitting prison-issue garb: some of those incarcerated were provided with clothing a few sizes too large. That oversizing, coupled with the lack of belts in the big house, led to a great number of jailbirds whose pants were falling off their arses. (Belts are not permitted in most correctional facilities because all too often the lifeless bodies of their inmate owners have been found hanging from them.)

Sagging has another rumored origin (also false), one less well-traveled than the “gay inmates advertising for sex” postulation:

All this was found through  I personally think it makes people look sloppy and have no pride in their appearance. You can’t even run with saggy pants. Not everyone want to see peoples underwear or butt cracks, bad enough plumbers show theirs. Why would anyone want to wear a fad that started in prison anyways? Is it that cool that that is where it started because they weren’t allow to have belts and got clothes that were too big?  Well there’s the truth about saggy pants and my opinion on it.


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