Facebook Problem

So I was talking to my daughter about a post on Facebook she shared about a father of an 11 year old girl who lives in Ireland who made several accounts and shared  pictures with men . I give my daughter all the credit for me writing this post, she shared the post which gave me the idea.  I read the whole post and even though it actually happened four years ago I do agree with the father to some extent. Now Facebook’s age policy is you have to be 13 years old to have an account but many kids are making their own accounts under the age of 13 and some lie about their age. This isn’t the only case involving under age children making online accounts. As a social media website I think it would be best to people signing up for accounts to show proof of age that can be legally verified. Legally verified means once the site has a copy of the id document someone should be responsible to make phone calls to the dmv or where ever to make sure the name and  d.o.b are correct. There are so many online dating sites out there where there are under age girls on there and uploading almost if not all nude pics on them. So many child molesters can easily get on these sites under another name as well. We as parents and grandparents need to do our job and monitor our kids activity both on their cell phones and computer based products. It’s hard to monitor all their activity yes but if you put restrictions on their devices it helps curve their activity. On laptops,computers and tablets set child safety mode and do not give them the password to lift it. Our grandson and granddaughter both got tablets for Christmas Last year and we have it set for their ages which prevents then from sites like Facebook, Tagged, Hi5, My Space. All they can do is go into games we down load for them and videos on Youtube and Kids Youtube. Our Grand kids are 5 and 7 years old.  I believe if websites put tougher security on people who want to sign up the underage problems would go down some, I know some will get through but not all. Here is the story below share your thoughts.



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