Churches 8-13-15

Before I really get into this post, I want to set the record straight. I was Baptisted in Florida in 2001. I’m a Southern Baptist. I was very involved in my church as an usher,choir member, asst. Sunday school teacher ,and asst. Sunday school superintendent.I made a decision that wasn’t the right decision , but I did anyways. A person who was a great friend decided to cut my picture out of all the pics he had with me in them, turned his back on a mutual friend of ours because I was in that persons life. While I was gone, my friend was still going to church and became sick and missed alot of church. The church never bothered to check up on my friend and see if they were alright. When I came back to town I went to the church a few times but you could feel the tension in there. While alot welcomed me back, this man who is suppose to be a Christian just ignored and snubbed me. I read a story yesterday that an elderly lady in Ga. got sick and missed alot of church and then recieved a letter saying she was kicked out of church because she wasn’t tithing. Ya you read that right they kicked her out of church because she didn’t tithe. What has happened to churches? This isn’t God’s plan on how churches are suppose to be and act. The Catholics molest the children and they have been getting away with it for years but if you or I did it we would be sitting in jail. Church is a place to come and worship God, not to be molested or treated like an outsider. The Bible says If you don’t forgive those who trespass against you, then He won’t forgive you. Yes the Bible says you are to tithe 10%  of your gross earnings but when you don’t have the money and can only put in what you can that makes God happy. Churches are closing their doors because of falling attendance.  I don’t go to church anymore, but I do watch a church service on tv every Sunday, and I do worship God. Those who know me know I have a mouth on me and alot of times I use it to voice my opinion on another blog I do. I’m not a perfect Christian, and you know what no one is. So what if you go to church and all the functions that doesn’t make you perfect. Alot of Christians smoke,drink, gamble, cheat on their other halves, and do drugs. Alot of Christians break the law and end up in jail and/or  prison.  Churches and church members before you go talking about other people in the church make sure you check your own lives first. Are you such a saint that you are equivalent to the High and Mighty God? Are you so perfect that you are God? I think not as a matter of fact I know you’re not, and neither am I. We are all sinners until the day we all go home. So before you judge me, judge yourself first. In my eyes you don’t need church to be a christian,and with all we read, see on tv about churches and members these days Churches are getting more abusive to it’s members and they are all about money for this and that. God never said people after tithing you need to put more money in for this and that. It says love your neighbor as you would yourself.  Like the rest of the world churches have become another business interested in getting your money. I will admit churches do do alot of helping people and the community if it’s convenient for them.  I just don’t see the need to belong to a church with the way they do things.


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