The Person Behind What Burns My Goat 6-29-15

The Person Behind What Burns My Goat 6-29-15

me 3-14-14

So who is the person behind the video What Burns My Goat? My name is Scott Buchanan, I’m a 51 year old father and grandfather. I’m also a Godfather. I am a man who voices his opinion on certain subjects that just piss me off or in my words burn my goat. I have a temper and attitude on these subjects because justice isn’t being served right. Sometimes I let my mouth get the better of me but hey the 1st amendment gives me that freedom of speech. Even though I don’t go to church any more I do believe in God and in the Bible. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals but I do have a problem with their marriage because of my belief in the Bible. We are all sinners and I’m no exception. I’m an adulterer, I’ll admit it. I’m also against murderers, rapists, and child abusers. I believe if you get sentenced to death row you have 30 days then bye bye. Why should the people have to pay for you to live on death row for 20-35 years or until you die? If you are a rapist,murderer or a child abuser I would stick the needle in you or pull the switch myself if I could. I don’t believe in our stupid ass president who wants to change the world to his way. I don’t like that immigrants come to our country and start gangs deal drugs kidnap and put our children into sex slavery and/or worse. I know we are all immigrants because this country belonged to the Indians before the Pilgrims landed here on Plymouth Rock. We stole the land away from the Indians. In Some ways we are no better than the president. Our President took an oath to protect and support this country but all he has done is support and protect other countries. We need a person in office who is God fearing and willing to do God’s work not the Devil’s. I’m not one of those people who sit quietly and just let hings go, I will tell you about yourself. Everyone has opinions and I just voice mine through my videos and blogs. So there you have it, the person behind What Burns My Goat.


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