Life Of A Flea Market Vendor 6-15-15

Life Of A Flea Market Vendor 6-15-15

Hi My Name is Scott and I’m a retired flea market vendor. I started working the flea market scene in October 1996. I loved it made almost $200 my first weekend. I use to buy out garage sales and other vendors and resell the items. I’ve done different markets on different days set up at three markets as a monthly vendor and only did weekends. My main line of business was incense and audio & video. Today the flea market world is hurting because it seems as though everyone is selling the same thing just in different spots. A lot of people are buying online a lot more now instead of visiting the flea markets. The only vendors making good money any more are the produce vendors. Being an affiliate marketer is kinda like being a flea market vendor because you are selling products but the best part is you don’t have the over head or have to pay for booth rental or gas to travel. Alot of people do affiliate marketing and do well at it. Sometimes I wish I had the money to buy into some products and go back to flea marketing as well. I work Monday thru Friday online from 9am – 12 pm. I don’t work weekends. Most vendors work Friday thru Sunday and sometimes Wednesdays. Depending on how far of a commute they have vendor days start around 6 am and end between 3-4 pm. I miss the good old days. I made a lot of new friends being a vendor.

So there it is the life of a flea market vendor. If anyone is thinking of becoming one I personally enjoyed and miss it. There is a lot more to being a vendor than being an affiliate marketer, but both have great rewards.


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