Scott’s Journey 4-20-15

Scott’s Journey 4-20-15

Friday I went to the Dr. and it wasn’t good news. I’m now 208 lbs and considered a Diabetic. I’m on Metformin and Fish Oil pills. They upped my Lisinopril as well. My blood pressure is high and so is my cholesterol.

I walk the treadmill 6 days a week for 30 mins. Sandy and I went and bought 5lb dumb bells so we can work with them too. I just don’t get it I don’t eat hardly anything and I cut way down to hardly any snacks and drink diet soda and work out and yet I end up gaining weight instead of losing it. My goal is to get down to 150 lbs and I will get there and this report even though discouraging won’t keep me from my goal it’ll just make me rethink of what I need to do to reach it. In 10 days I’ll be 51 yrs old I don’t want to be like this at 52. I’m still using the ecigs. Can’t wait until June when it’s warmer and go swimming. I told my grand daughter I was going to teach her how to swim this year when she is over, plus it’s great exercise for weight lose. Well I’ll add an update next week until then have a great week and keep on the journey with me.


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