Scott’s Journey 3-27-15

The journey continues and is going good. I have been doing my half hour on the treadmill and the other day I did an hour and fifteen minutes on the treadmill and felt great. Still getting the lightheadedness when I move my head fast or down.  While on the treadmill, I do other exercises like my martial arts blocks and punches and breathing exercises.  I’m glad I’m back in the fix of things and feeling much better now I’m back on schedule.  I take Saturday’s off from working out. They say you need one day of relaxation when exercising. Can’t wait til Summer is here so besides walking the treadmill I can go swimming.  St.Augustine is going to be great alot to see and alot of walking.  I love it there.  Well see you next week with another update maybe if I can get this stupid scale to actually work right I can give a reading. Ever notice that no scale is the same.I go to publix and their scale is different than Walmarts and the dr.s.  My Better half is doing great on her journey too. This summer we both will be looking and feeling great. Well have a great week.


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