Scott’s Journey 12-1-14

Well tomorrow is two weeks that I started my journey. Wednesday will be to weeks that I went from smoking cigars to smoking electronic cigarettes. Since I last blogged I’ve been sick a couple of days and had the grand kids over from last Tuesday until yesterday afternoon. Still I know it’s not an excuse for continuing my journey while they were here.I slacked off with the holiday but did really good diet wise.  I can feel the difference in my stomach to the good side. I can also feel the difference when I work out from when I was smoking.  I did exercise Day 4 but it was at the Light Up Ocala Festival. I walked probably an equivalent of 1 1/2 miles total for that day. Looking forward to my next trip to Walmart so I can weigh myself and see  if I have lost any weight. I burned 177 calories in 30 minutes of the treadmill which equals 55.3 fat calories. I’m going to be adding more exercises to my workout slowly so I don’t over do it. Decided i’m not going to write a daily log but a weekly log so, I’ll see you next Monday with this weeks update. If you are on the journey with me, comment what you have been doing in the comment section. Until next week have a great week.


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