Scott’s Journey Day 2 11-19-14

Scott’s Journey Day 2 11-19-14

Well it was a cold start for today’s journey. But ended up nicely. With the weather cold outside, we turned the heat on in the house. Big difference trying to walk on the treadmill when it’s 75 degrees inside compared to yesterday’s 68 degrees inside. I did manage to do half a mile though in 15 minutes on a 7% incline. I burned 65 calories. Tomorrow is another day and slowly but surely I will meet my goal. Some days I may work out longer than some but I will achieve what I need to do. The main goal is not to over do yourself so that you can’t continue the journey. They say for every lb you want to lose you need to multiply that by 3,500 calories. So my calorie deficit is 157,500 calories that I must achieve through diet and exercise. They say it is safe to lose 1-2 lbs a week but if you want to lose more like in 6 months, you must burn 680 calories a day. I can see I didn’t make that goal today or yesterday and that’s OK with me because I know I’m making a difference in my life by doing something instead of sitting on my butt doing nothing. To make my goal in 151 days from the 17th of Nov til the 17th of April 2015 of 45 lbs gone I need to lose .30 lbs a day. That’s 2.1 lbs a week. Doable? Yes it is. For those who are making the journey with me put your triumphs on the comment section of each days blog. Tell me where you are staring from and where you want to end. For me it’s starting at 195lbs but ending when I reach 135 lbs but the first goal is 150 lbs by April 17th,2015. Yes that’s right my total journey is longer than 151 days, but the 1st goal is 151 days, then after the Dr.s report I will post and go again to goal #2 and hopefully you’ll be on that journey too if you haven’t finished the first journey.


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