What Do You Do When You Get A Bad Dr.s Report 11-17-14

What You Do When You Get A Bad Dr.s Report? 11-17-14

Well today I went to my dr.s appt. My weight went back up and my triglyceride level is high. My Dr. told me if I didn’t want to go on medicine for Diabetes, That I had to change a few things. So Here’s what I need to change. The way I eat and what I eat. I have to lower my carb intake and exercise more. So I talked with the nutritionist and she gave me some pamphlets with recipes and ways to lower my carbs but still be able to enjoy what I like. I also need to exercise more but not over do what my bad knee can take. I have until April 17th,2015 to lose 45 lbs (which is my goal) and have my levels where they need to be. Seeing I work at home, I have to make a schedule where I can work, exercise, and still spend time with my better half. The hardest part for me is keeping to the schedule. I would rather spend more time on the computer posting links and writing blogs. I have two new grandchildren arriving, one in a few weeks and one next year and if I want to be thee to be a part of their lives, as well as my other grandkids and my five year old daughter’s life, than I better start taking better care of myself. I’ve decided to quit smoking by getting an e-cig and trying that. One it will save me money and two it’ll lower my want and need for nicotine and three I’ll be healthier not smoking. When I was younger I took better care of my self than I do now and there’s no excuse for me to let my health just go down hill. I’m the type of person who usually keeps positive no matter what, but last few years I really haven’t. I love my family and I want to be around for a good long time so it’s time to go back to the old me as far as taking care of myself. If you are in the same boat as me, change your life for the better too. Don’t try and do it alone get with someone who will be in your corner and have your back. If you don’t have anyone then partner up with me and we can make this journey together. So that’s what you do when you get a bad dr.s report.


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