The Difference Between Being On Radio & Video 11-16-14

The Difference Between Being On Radio & Video 11-16-14


I have friends who are doing videos and I have friends that do radio like What is the difference? Well let’s break it down. On Blog talk radio you have to pay a monthly fee for your radio show where as doing videos on and you don’t have to pay. With blog talk you get set hours where you can only do your show, You Tube and Break you can do a video anytime you want and post it. With radio you can do the show naked if you want where as video you should wear clothes or your video might get banned and you arrested. The advantage of video is people actually get to see you physically compared with just hearing your voice on the radio. I myself prefer to do videos because it’s more personal. With videos I get to do them when I want, how I want, and where I want. Why should you have to pay to have your service or program live? You can start your own youtube station with your own series. I put all my videos on one channel because for every channel you have you need a gmail email address. I have 10 gmail emails all business related. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of them and use one for my youtube and one of my yahoo emails for my account. Some people prefer to do radio instead of video because they are camera shy. I’m camera shy as well when I do me in front of the cameras, but when I unleash the puppets, it’s a whole new ballgame. With videos, you can add links to products you’re promoting to make money. With radio it’s kind of hard to plug a product or website and make money because most people don’t have a pen and paper handy to write the information down. So there is my intake on being on radio v.s video.


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