Why Not Run For Presidency Of The United States

Why Not Run For Presidency Of The United States

Yesterday I made a video announcing one of my puppets, Sunny Girl running for president of the United States. Seriously though why not run. All they say is you have to be a Untied States Citizen over the age of 35, which I am both. We always hear when they run for any office I promise this and that but hardly ever fall through on this. Why not be honest with the voters and promise to try to do this and that. Congress has to decide yes or no on things then if it’s passed the president signs it into law. Everyone thinks you have to a political background and be wealthy to run for office. Andrew Jackson was just a horse stable owner when he became president. Maybe we need an American who is willing to stand up for American and the American people before anyone else or any other country. I don’t see other countries coming here and trying to help us with our immigration,drugs,violence or other problems do you? We are always the ones rushing to help other countries when we have no reason to be over there. I say we need someone who isn’t afraid to tackle the problems plaguing our country. We need to put our children and vets first, then tackle the immigration,drugs and homeless problems. We need to make affordable insurance for every American. We need to open and reopen American based jobs and hire only Americans who are legal. We need to tell drug dealers they are out of business. We need stiffer laws for rapists and child molesters. We need a president who promises to try to do things with congresses help not promise they will be done. We need to put God back in our Pledge of Allegiance and God We Trust back on our currency. We need prayer back in schools and homes. We are Americans and we need to be number one not Iraq, Germany, or anywhere else. We need tougher airline security so we don’t allow terrorist here. We need to end bullying and pornography. We need to stop sex slave crimes. It’s a long battle America but it can all happen with one president who isn’t afraid to start the ball rolling. We’ve had presidents who have done drugs,committed adultery, lied, and even ignored advise from congress to do things his way. I’m no saint, I’ve done a lot wrong in my life but I know what America needs and I’m not afraid to get that ball rolling. So back to my main question, why not run for presidency of the United States? I’m a born and raised American over 35 years of age.


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