Things I Would Try And Do As President

Things I Would Try And Do As President

Someone asked me what I would do if I was lucky enough to become President. I told them first of all I wouldn’t do anything I would try to do with Congresses help.

1 Bring all our troops back home

2 Make sure the Troops get what they need

3 I would seriously shut down the borders so illegal immigrants can’t come over and if they do they will be sent right back.

4 I would have all mayors look into turning empty buildings into housing for the Vets, children and homeless that need it.

5 I would make sure all welfare recipients pass a drug test before receiving welfare. (If you can buy alcohol,drugs,guns,and cigarettes then you can afford to buy your own food).

6 I would try and pass tougher gun laws

7 I would do what is necessary for schools to be safer for all.

8 I would make tough laws for bullies,rapist, child molesters,drug dealers.

9 I would try and find a way to make health insurance affordable for all without breaking their wallets

10 I would send anyone who isn’t an American citizen over here illegally back to their country and ban them from coming here without legal papers.

11 I would make tough laws for people involved in gangs

12 I would make it so no man,woman or child ever goes hungry and that includes children in school

13 There will be stronger laws on people who abuse or kill animals on purpose

14 I would have every American owned business hire American citizens

15 I would try and help the American farmers any way possible during bad seasons

16 I would take less than the annual Presidents salary of $400,000.00 and put the difference back into building and funding America.

17 I would see to it that all the American people are treated fairly and not discriminated against

18 I would make sure that God and Prayer are back in our schools and currency

19 I would not take vacations to Martha’s Vineyard and spending tax payers money

20 I will put America and it’s people first above every thing else or any other country.


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