Me & God 11-5-14

Me & God 11-5-14

Someone asked me how I could believe in God and build and run a Christian website yet in some blogs I do I cuss? Well here is what I told them. I’m a born again Christian Southern Baptist. I got saved in 2001. I use to go to church every Sunday. I was involved in the choir, was a Sunday School Teacher, and an Asst. Sunday School Administrator. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you are free from sin and I was no exception. I left my family to be with someone else and had a baby with that person. I was no different than Abraham cheating on Sarah. The person in my church who I admired most and was a really good friend of mine showed me his true colors by instead of doing as God says we should do which is forgive those who sin did the opposite and he decided to just turn his back on me as well as friends he supposedly cared about because they were in my life. The First sinners were Adam & Eve and God banished them from the Garden Of Eden. Their son Cain killed his brother Able. God eventually got tired of all the sin that was going around and destroyed the world saving only Noah and his family. Today the world is full of sin again. Everyone claims they are a Christian but you show me a Christian who has become born again who hasn’t sin in some form and I will show you a liar. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you have to go to church and do this and that. If Jesus was President do you think this world would be sinless? I believe not for sin is natural in everyone, whether you belong to God or not. I believe in God yes, but I don’t live my life like the Bible says. If we all lived like the Bible said who would we be? I was like Abraham and sinned and He went on to become the Father of a great nation. So who are you to put me or anyone else down because we don’t live like the Bible says we should? Are you so perfect that you can call yourself Jesus like? I think not. Look at all the clergymen who have sinned against children and fellow parishioners. Are they Jesus like? The bottom line is everyone is a sinner and no one can say they aren’t. So that is how I can build and run a Christian website because even though I’m a sinner I’m also a Christian.


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