Abusing Their Power

Abusing their power

Have you ever noticed how law enforcement abuse their power? They think because they have a badge they can do what ever they want. they speed,don’t use turn signals,some don’t wear seat belts,some turn their lights on just so they don’t have to sit at a traffic light. Some even talk on the cell phones in states where it’s not allowed. Some threaten and harass you because they are predigest. Some are corrupt. Their motto is to protect and serve. Protect and serve who? Some litter like other people do Some do drugs and are abusive to their other half’s and children. Some are into pornography and even child pornography. They are just as bad as some Preachers and Teachers we hear about. I just heard the other day about a firefighter being involved with a 13 year old girl. What is this guy thinking? Some have let prostitutes go in exchange for sex. But they are the first to arrest you or give you a ticket for breaking the law or getting caught with with a prostitute. Some think because they wear a badge they can get special treatment or discounts at stores. Some offer merchants extra protection in exchange for money.

Alot of law enforcement officials don’t deserve a badge and people are afraid to complain against them for fear of their lives ad the lives of their families.When I moved to Florida I had a deputy sheriff harass me all the time because I was a new face and had long hair,wore jeans,t-shirt ,and a leather jacket all the time. Finally I had enough and I called him on it and told him to take off that badge and gun. He did and then he and I sat and talked for hours. I really wanted to kick his butt but I’m not really for violence and decided it would be better to talk it out. We became good friends after that but I’m sure he thought at first I was going to hit him because of the way I told him to take his badge and gun off. See he abused his power and I stood up to him.He was like a foot and a half taller than me and about one hundred fifty pounds more than me but I still stood my ground and gained his respect and friendship. Other people abuse their power,teachers,preachers,and now a firefighter. What is wrong with these people? I personally think the judicial system is a joke and a half. Even judges abuse their power. They expect you to pay child support but throw you in jail so you fall farther behind. Then they complain the jails are too crowded. Why be sent to jail? You didn’t commit a crime.

Teachers and preachers getting involved with kids and sexually molesting them,some get jail some get probation all have to file as a sexual offender which I agree with. Alot don’t register though and the law states if they move in a neighborhood with kids law enforcement are to notify the residents about it and they don’t. Did you know guys if you pee behind a tree and a child tells their parents or an adult you could be charged with sexual exposure? It’s true but yet a kid can pee behind a tree and not get charged. Teachers and preachers are suppose to teach our kids not abuse them.It’s getting so you can’t trust anyone anymore. When I hear stuff like this what are they thinking? Then of course they use the I had an abusive childhood excuse. People like that shouldn’t have positions where they deal with children. I know anybody hurts my children or grandchildren there isn’t enough law enforcement to protect them. We have people on death row that have been there for years.I think after a year that’s it time to end it. We as taxpayers pay for them being there. I think most officials abuse their power. Makes you wonder how they can seep at night knowing what they do is wrong. Don’t they have any morals?

Look at Jim and Tammy Fay Baker, God’s people that’s what they claimed to be. They were thieves that stole money. So why are we who know these people are wrong in what they are doing afraid to go up against them? Why can’t we show our children,it’s ok to take a stand in what we believe and in what’s right ? Is it because of people like Martin Luther King who was murdered for it ? Are we that afraid of the gangs and the drug dealers we can’t take back our neighborhoods ? Are we that afraid that we won’t stand for our amendments we were given ? We can send our 18 year olds to war and fight for us but we can’t or won’t fight here at home. Makes no sense to me. I’m forty-five years old been around alot and have seen alot . I’ve never been in the service or been to war but I have seen the war on the streets. I believe its time for America to stand up and take our streets and community back It’s time to get involved with our children and snuff out the crime,gangs and bad apples who abuse their power.


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