Eats N More

Are you looking for a cool website where you can just relax on? I’ve got the perfect place for you.

My friend Victoria owns and runs eatsnmore on I’ve known Victoria for few years and she and I have both worked with each other on her website as well as mine. Eatsnmore is a website where you can grab a cup of coffee and join in the chit chat room or post recipes, learn some gardening advice or maybe give your own. She has contests for her members which have cool rewards. There’s a place for jokes, poetry, crafting and sewing. For those into paranormal she has a special section for you too. If you own your own website post your link in her affiliate links. There’s so much to do and she is always adding new things and everyone is really friendly. So come on over and join. It’s always free to be a member, so you have nothing to lose. Just click the link below and sign up as a member and tell them aceofhearts552000 sent you.

Here’s the link again


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