The Holidays 10-30-14

The Holidays 10-30-14

As tomorrow brings Halloween, it also starts off the holiday season where we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The holidays are tough times for a lot of people due to missed loved ones, illnesses, job layoffs, and of course financial problems. They say the suicide rates are higher during the holiday season but there’s no real proof of it. How do you handle the holiday seasons? During Thanksgiving are you thankful for what you have or is it just another day where you just gather with family and eat til you’re stuffed. Do you help the homeless and less fortunate? What about Christmas time? Do you offer a helping hand or are you a scrooge and don’t bother? What are you thankful for? Are you thankful all the time or only during Thanksgiving? At Christmas time do you think about Jesus and thank Him for dying on the cross for our sins? The holidays can and do bring a lot of people down. The way to get through the holidays as well as any other time of the year is to just stay positive no mater what the situation. If you get depressed, play something on the radio that’s happy or on your mp3 player. Go talk with a good friend or family member. Christmas is a time for giving not receiving. Try to help the homeless or a family who may be struggling. You know just walking down the street and giving someone a smile could just make someones day. This world is falling apart that we need to support each other and not be against each other. If you’ve had a fallen out with a friend or family member, try to patch things up. Sometimes we need to put our pride aside and make the first move. The holidays are for families to be together and share happiness. So don’t be a scrooge this holiday season be a reason a person smiles. Happy Holidays !


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