Halloween 2014

Halloween 2014

Tomorrow here in the U.S is Halloween. As our little ghosts and goblins run door to door collecting candy we need to be careful of what they receive. We also have to watch as they cross the streets for some drivers don’t fully pay attention. With the crazies in this world today, please don’t let your kids eat any candy or anything they get before it is xrayed. Don’t go to houses you don’t trust or that have lights off. If possible do a search for sex offenders in the area as some of them are not suppose to be giving out treats or have their lights on. It is best that you go up to the doors with your children so you can act fast if needed be. Carry flash lights and/or light up braclets or necklaces so they can be seen better. It is better to go to churches or malls offering Halloween for kids. You could also do what we do and the day after go to the stores and buy candy which is marked down and give it to them. With all the tragedies happening to our children these days we as parents,grand parents,aunts, and uncles, we need to protect them to the best of our abilities. So let’s make Halloween 2014 a safe one.


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