30 Day Meals

Hi welcome to 30 Day Meals. I’m Scott. I’m a cook and a baker. Are you always looking for something new to cook? I have three different meal plans you can choose from. I have breakfast, dinner, and desert recipes I will email to your inbox every day for 30 days. You choose the subject you’d like. I will send you recipes for the finest foods and deserts not plain ordinary simple stuff like Spaghetti and meat balls made with frozen meatballs, no I mean meals like Chicken Wikiki Beach,Chocolate mint mousse,drinks like Mint Julep, Breakfast foods like popovers,homemade donuts,stuffed french toast, home made waffles/pancakes,Banana Nut Muffins. All the breakfast and dinner recipes will come with suggested side dishes and drinks. So please sign up for your recipes on our web store page. Thank you , I promise you won’t be disappointed. From Now until December 1,2014 30 Day Meals is on sale.



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