My Review On Ecigs 10-17-14

This is my review on Ecigs. There are all different types of ecigs these days. All the different types contain nicotine which is what makes smokers cut down and/or eventually quit. Ecigs are great for places you can’t smoke like on a bus,restaurant, almost everywhere you’re not allowed to smoke. You can also buy them by a kit or disposable ones. They are expensive but if you do switch from cigarettes to these in the long run they can save you about $1000.00 a year. The one I’m most familiar with is Blu Cigs. Each Blu has the equivalence of one and a half packs of cigarettes. Most of the other ecigs are equal to one pack. Depending on where you live,cigarettes are anywhere from $3.50 to $16.00 a pack. When I started smoking they were .50 cents a pack, $5.00 a carton. If you smoke cigars like Swisher Sweets, Remington, they come 20 per pack like cigarettes and cost between .99 cents and $2.00 a pack. I know a carton of Remington cost $11.00 down here in Florida. We went to my step daughters baby shower two weeks ago and her friends let me try theirs. It wasn’t bad and I can see where you could cut down on smoking. The flavor they were using was pina colada. So if you are thinking of going to ecigs I recommend you go to the link below and buy them or find a store near you that sells them. You have to be legal age to enter the site and purchase them. Our friend says she smokes two packs a day but since using ecigs she has maybe had three cigarettes out of a pack. Someone told me they quit smoking by using an ecig and cinnamon stick. For 1 1/2-2 months he would puff on the ecig for the effect of the morning smoke then again at night before bed. In between he would suck on a cinnamon stick like a cigarette then bite off a little piece and place it between his gum and lip like you do with dip. The cinnamon would have the same affect as a cigarette. You can order electronic cigs by clicking the link below.


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