Have Police finally crossed the line ?

By Scott Buchanan


Lately I have seen on television and read in the news bout police that have crossed the line. I as a blogger and vlogger report of these as I come across the stories. Those who know me know my vlog What Burns My Goat where I video my two cents about stories of different news stories. Yesterday I came across three stories of police being jerks and abusing their power. I think it’s time for all police departments in every state,city,county,and towns to be review of their officers actions and charge them like they would charge us civilians. In Indiana The police have stripped and abused female victims in custody before they are found guilty of any crime, Five California officers try to detain and man and one pulled out her gun and pointed it at this unarmed man only to find out he wasn’t who they were looking for, and in Chicago a police officer gets out of his car and walks over and shoots a family dog right in front of it’s owner and kids. Police have gotton worse than terrorists. The use their badge and authority to think they can do whatever they want when they want and get away with it. Nine out ten times they do get away with it. I think it’s high time that all police officers who abuse their power be charged,jailed, and lose their job. I’ve included the story links for this blog.




After you read these stories what do you think? Have police finally crossed the line?



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