Should There Be New Laws For Truckers ?

Should There Be New Laws For Truckers ?

By Scott Buchanan



Have you ever traveled down the highway going about 70 in a 65 speed zone and whoosh there flying by you is a semi? Semi drivers by law as of July 1st,2013 are only suppose to drive 11 hrs daily 70 hours a week. They are required to take a 30 minute break in the first 8 hour shift. The driver who hit Tracy Morgan’s limo bus last weekend hadn’t slept in over 24 hours, resulting in a death and several injuries. When I use to travel I would have semis past me left and right but I would be the one getting pulled over for speeding. Maybe it’s time for the law to go after some of these truckers and give them tickets and check their log books. It just might prevent another accident and/or death. I love truckers, have the utmost respect for them. They do a hard job but they need to do it more cautiously. This isn’t Smokey And The Bandit out here, it’s everyone’s life out here. So what do you think Should there be new laws for truckers? I welcome all comments.



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