What I Think Of The Release Of Bowe Bergdahl

What I Think Of The Release Of Bowe Bergdahl


I’m not one to really get into politics and war, but I have done a lot of reading and listening to different interviews on this Pow swap and I have to put my two cents in this. Mr. Bergdahl is being hailed a hero. Why? He is a deserter, he walked away from his post with no gear or protection. He was seen shooting guns with the Taliban. President Obama in my opinion is a pompous ass releasing five commanders and chiefs of the Taliban for one American solider who is a deserter. There is also inside information that Obama also paid a cash ransom as well for this release which means he funded the terror network for another ten years. If you’re a POW why would you be friendly with the enemy and out shooting guns with them? I would be shooting my gun at them not targets, wouldn’t you? I feel as though they need to try Mr. Bergdahl as a deserter and not claim him as a hero because he isn’t a hero. I know a lot of people don’t agree with me on this and a lot of people praise President Obama for what he did but opinions are like butts everyone has one and this is mine. One reporter has gone as bold as to call for the impeachment of President Obama and I back her 100%. President Obama has screwed up this country so much that crime is higher now than it was when President I never had sex with her Clinton was in office. We Impeached Nixon and Clinton, now it’s time for Obama to go as well. By releasing The five Taliban prisoners we had who were responsible for 911, President Obama has signed our death warrant, because now they will be able to attack us again. Big deal they can’t go anywhere for one year. They can and will use that year to come up with a plan to attack us again and who is the blame going to go on? Are we the people going to actually put it where it belongs, which is on Obama, or are we the people going to be the pussies he is making us to be by telling us all his lies so we believe him. Don’t you people find it funny when all that crap about Obama’s birth certificate came around that the document looked forged and the only person who could say different was the only person who died in an eight passenger plane accident? Wake the hell up America! This is our country and some asshole president is turning it into in a country for immigrants who can’t speak a freaking word of English,and think we owe them everything. Drugs and violence are so much on the rise and all the President wants to do is legalize the drugs. He is supporting the violence. He doesn’t give a shit about what we think or say he will do as he wants because he is the President of the United States and Congress basically can kiss his ass because most of congress doesn’t agree with what he did to get Bergdahl back here. Well that’s my input on this situation. Some may agree with me some may not, but like I said earlier opinions are like butts everyone has one.



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