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The Laplaya Resorts and Suites 2500 N. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach,Fl.32118 Written By Scott Buchanan 6-5-14
Wednesday June 4,2014, we had a two night reservation for this hotel. When we got here we had to wait for our rooms to be ready which was alright because check-in isn’t really until 4 pm, but sometimes you can check in early. The hot tubs close at 7 pm while the pool is open until 11pm. If you drive all day and check-in after 4 pm you’ve only have less than three hours to enjoy the hot tub. If you are staying only one night how can you enjoy anything? They put us on the eighth floor in a corner and the internet stunk. The Wi/Fi modem was exactly in the room above us, where our daughter and her husband stayed. When I called to ask if we could change rooms, I was told no. I ended up calling their technical support and come to find out the modem wasn’t even turned on. After they turned it on, the internet didn’t get any better and keeps cutting off. I had to go outside on the balcony to have it work right. The hotel is under renovations and they aren’t doing a good job. The walkways are cracked and peeling, The balconies are cracked under where you stand, some don’t have guard rails. It’s not looking to professional. We have stayed at this hotel before and thought it was nice. We had a kitchenette, could cook in the oven or on the stove,now you et a microwave, which stinks, a mini fridge which can’t hold a gallon of milk. We booked these rooms online and when we got her we found out there’s a $25.00 deposit which is expected and you get back at the end of your stay but they also charge you a $20.00 resort fee which should be stated when you go to book the room online. I have stayed in hotels that cost way less and gotten more pleasure staying there than I have here. The Laplaya resort and suites have lost a customer for good. Below are pictures of the walkway,the elevator handles, and the outside balconies.
Cracks in the walkway

Cracks on the walkway from our room to the elevator I ended up with 20 pics of the cracks.
A crack in the new wall they put up on a porch

The bottom of a porch

Both hand rails in this elevator we almost falling off and in the other elevator one handle was about to fall off

This is one of the elevator walls

This is the bottom of the door to where my daughter and her husband stayed


A patch job on the bottom of a balcony

A patch job on the floor of a balcony and a balcony with no guard rails

Balconies with no guard rails



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