Suicide Rate

Suicide is the # 11th cause of death in the United States higher than homicide which ranks #15 for the year 2014. We as Americans need to bring that number down. Bullying is a major cause of suicide and needs to stop. As parents and grandparents our children and grandchildren are suppose to be burying us ,not us burying them. In the e-book The Bully Buster it covers 7 chapters in 24 pages of how we can help children deal with bullying. In recent news reports and blogs I have done it is apparent that the schools and law enforcement don’t do enough to protect our children and grand children. At  you can buy our e-book for $9.99. Just go to our more page and click the web store and order. We need to start teaching our kids. As a parent and grand parent I couldn’t imagine if I had to bury one of my kids or grand kids. Could you? How would you feel if you knew you could’ve done something to try and help prevent them from suicide and didn’t ? Now is your chance. Please help to lower the suicide rate in the United States.



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