Making Money

I was sitting here going through all my email and I just love all the ones I get where they say I just paypalled you so much $$$$$. I know it’s baloney because I don’t belong to these programs. There is no real winning program out there to make you money. I make money doing surveys when I qualify which is rare,selling ebooks, and doing affiliate marketing. I use to do mystery shopping but the only downfall with that is you don’t get paid til the next month and some companies don’t pay you for three months. When you do mystery shopping it’s money out of your pocket til you get paid. If you are like me you can’t really afford that. So what’s the best way to actually make money online? That’s a good question for I too am searching for the best answer for that. I have done clickbank,clicksure and a few other affiliate sites and the only ones I have actually made money on are shareasale,clixcense, and glixgalore. I have made money doing surveys but not very much. I have sold a few ebooks. My suggestion for you is don’t get scammed into buying into those programs where they make it so easy to make money because they are b.s.. In order to make money blogging you have to sign up and put out money for advertising and you only make money if someone clicks on an advertisement on your blog page. We all work hard for our money why should we waste it on foolish programs?  You can make money on facebook but it costs you money and you got to hope someone clicks on your product. If you can handle working and getting paid back the next month I would really suggest mystery shopping. I really enjoy it but just can’t afford to wait to get paid the next month with being on a budget and all. Try your hand at surveys or paid emails.


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